The journey you’ll go on.

The Connect Success Mind Process takes you on a journey through your own mind. As you go you’ll learn how to replace chaotic thinking with structured thinking.

When you first read this it sounds like hard work, but it’s not. We have been taught everything in this world except how to use our minds to produce results without effort. A few of us can do this without thought, but the vast majority of people have never been trained how to do it. So as they get older they pour more and more wonderful education into their mind, but their ability to produce results diminishes over time.

The people who visit this site are people who realise that there is something missing with the way we are taught what to think. The problem is that until now the whole world of education has taught us ‘what to think,’ but no one before has ever taught ‘how to think.’

As children we all had a natural ability to succeed. The hardest thing we will ever do is learn to walk, and we all succeeded at it. However, if an adult had to learn to walk then it would be impossible for them to achieve it. The natural success mindset we all had as children has unfortunately been programmed out of us. So to learn how to effortlessly achieve success we have to learn how to use the greatest asset we’ve been given… our minds.

Before this is learned a person is effectively loading good software onto a computer with a virus. How the Connect Success Process works is, it clears off all the viruses and gives a person back the mindset they had when they were Connect Success child. This means that a person can now learn anything and succeed at it without pain, worry, stress, fear, anxiety, depression or overwhelm.

Once learned a person can succeed in life in an almost effortless way. Which is the way success seems to happen for the most successful amongst us.

The Process takes a different amount of time for different people, however, you will notice an almost immediate improvement in how you feel. Within a month you will have seen the changes happen in multiple areas of your life. People will be asking you what’s happened to you. You’ll be enjoying life in a way which you thought was out of your reach.

The Process – What is it?

Process has been given many titles since it was first released, but it is simply a guide to exactly how to use your mind to deliver you the life you desire. It was created as a result of asking the question, ‘why can I succeed, and why do others struggle?’

I asked it first in the spring of 2004 and got my answer in the autumn of 2008. Once I saw why I and other successful people could do it and why over 99% of people couldn’t (even though everyone was once were very successful – yes everyone). Then it was easy (ish) to create a process simple enough for all to follow.

Because all I had to show people how to do was to get back to the natural successful people they were designed to be, before our poor education robbed them of their natural ability. This is not a dig at education, as that’s good. The problem is no one has ever been taught how to think, and this must run alongside anything we attempt to learn.

The Process puts into an applicable way all of the teachings necessary for success that have been given to us by prophets throughout history.

For example, the maxim from Ghandi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” This is clearly a wonderful statement, but no one is taught how to be that change, this process teaches that amongst many other things. But it teaches it all in a way where anyone can apply it.

If you decide to go on this journey through your mind, you are not going to be stuffing in more and more knowledge, the truth is you probably have enough or even too much of that. What this process does is teach you how to make all the wonderful knowledge you have applicable, and how to enjoy living to the proverb, ‘the journey is the reward.’

This is simply a system for thinking which enables you to have much more from life than you may currently think possible.

The best way for you to use the Process.

There are four main elements to it, written, audio, video & community. Each of which is stand alone and contains almost all of the process in each. So if you purchase just one part it will be enough (you are not missing out). The reason there are multiple ways is to ensure both a quicker change, and a permanent one.
The average client is on their 3rd time through the Process, with many over 10 times, and some are now on there 30th+ time through. So this is not something you are looking to buy, read and simply add more info into your mind. One of the key parts of the process is repetition, and another key part is studying it in multiple different ways.

If money is an issue then the best way to start is to purchase just the first book Creating Connect Success. This is the most cost effective way in. Then you can return and add to your training as you’ve proven to yourself the value of it.

If money is not an issue, then the very best way to begin is to purchase both the books and audios. This enables you to listen and go ahead, whilst using the written version to highlight and make notes. Most people (71%) begin this way.

Then once you’ve been going this way for a month or so then the video course is the ideal method for continuing with the way. The video course is there to make sure your success is simple by keeping you on track. It comes to you at a rate of one or two videos a week which are a few minutes long. This makes it very easy to keep going with. When completed there are well over 400 videos, so these videos will keep your success on track for several years to come.

Then at some point we strongly recommend joining the community of other people following the process, this means you will have the advantage of having questions answered and responding to others questions, as the very best way for you to master this is to actually teach it to others (the very highest form of learning is to teach the subject). The community is all about helping others but in the process you are helped yourself.

Then lastly at some point on your journey you’ll want to master the techniques of Life Design. Most of this is taught in the process, but there are certain things that can only be taught visually and so we recorded a live seminar where I taught people how to achieve the impossible with their minds.

The problem is exactly what Albert Einstein said it was, make everything as simple as possible but not simpler. Sometimes to be able to apply things we have to make it a little more complicated as the simplicity of something makes it too easy for us to ignore and to consider that we already know, that which we don’t actually know.