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Overwhelmed meaning: To be overwhelmed is to be confronted with more than you can bear. To be caught up in a whirlwind of events that make you feel depressed and frustrated. Soon the pressure becomes too much that you feel you cannot do anything. You have become paralysed and you feel overwhelmed by all what you have asked for.

Finally you resign yourself to a perpetual state of despair. Once your life was simple with glimpses of overwhelming times, whereas now your life is one where you are predominantly overwhelmed with little glimpses of quiet times and how your life used to be… You long for those days again, you desire to calm down.
But the problem is you have too much going on to figure out how to calm down… So the overwhelm removes your ability to get out of the overwhelming situation… Because you are overwhelmed by it… It is self perpetuating…
However, the good news and the bad news is that you caused the overwhelm. No, you have not been overwhelmed by life… You have been overwhelmed by what you added into your life and your wellbeing is suffering because of it. Now this is not bad news, it is in fact very good news because if you caused it, then you can now stop causing it. You just need to learn how to stop causing it.

How You And Everybody Else Became Overwhelmed

In the modern world we are surrounded by labour saving devices and modern forms of communication… Countless little ways to be able to do much more with a lot less time…

We were all sold on the idea that all of these devices such as laptops, mobile phones, desktops, email, social networking, etc. would all give us multiple benefits. The primary one being that we would have ‘more time’ and things would be far easier for us… And easier for us equals a massive improvement to our mental wellbeing.

However, I think it’s fair to say if we stopped to consider the life we had in the 80’s or even 90’s – Before the advent of the internet and before the takeover of mobile phones, that if you slow down enough you’ll start to think…
“What the heck did I do with my time before all of these ‘time saving devices’ came along?”

And if you think back to the 70’s before mobile phones, and even before home computers, then what did we actually do then?

The truth is that each of these devices do save time. Each of them makes the job they are designed to do more efficient… And if you took one as a standalone item then it does exactly what it says on the tin…

But when you combine it with everyone in your world being more efficient too, and you combine that with every manufacturer being more efficient as well… Them coming up with ‘new ways’ to ‘help’ you… then the combined effect for the vast majority of people is less and less time. And this is where our wellbeing begins to suffer as we first experience the start of overwhelm.

The truth is, and will always be, that with each year as efficiency grows and ways to communicate multiply… ‘You will become more and more overwhelmed by life!’ It is not going to magically get better all by itself. Nope, it’s going to get worse. Until that is… you learn to control it.

After all you created it. You may have been unconscious when you did and did so by accident, but to kill this demon off you need to consciously now remove what you have created from your life.

How To Calm Down

o you are currently overwhelmed because you have allowed yourself to be… All you need to do now is to ‘not allow yourself to be!’

Now I know that sounds difficult, and that is why I wrote the full de-bugging process in Connect Success. But the first part of ‘overcoming overwhelm’, and therefore learning how to calm down, is to identify the cause of the problem. You cannot fix it, and have it stay fixed, if you don’t know what caused it.


It is all about recognising the fact that you have allowed all of this ‘stuff’ in and that is why you are overwhelmed… It is not the ‘stuff’s’ fault, it is yours. This is probably a bitter pill to swallow if you are in that state of despair right now, but if you can swallow this then I can help you… If you cannot, then you’d better look somewhere else for pills, as I only solve problems without pills.

The next step is figuring out what bits you can comfortably put down and what bits help you get where you want to go. This is the exact process for learning how to calm down.
At this point we are close to identifying the root cause and it is the problem, the real problem, which virtually everyone in the world has … People often ask me how I can do so much and not get overwhelmed.
Well it is simple: –

1) I am inspired to work so it is easy to me – Are you inspired or do you feel forced to?
2) I am using all of the labour saving devices efficiently and therefore getting their maximum benefit from them. I.e. I am using them in the way their inventors intended – Are you using them efficiently to go in the direction you wish to go in, or are you just hoping that the vast amount you do will just one day get there… Wherever ‘there’ is?
3) And most importantly in a world of abundant information I instantly know what bits are helping me get to where I wish to go, and what bits are hurting me – Do you know what’s helping you and what’s hurting you?
Right now you probably think you do… But if you feel overwhelmed then you do not. Getting over the fact that you are not in control and accepting it as it is, is the first step to removing the problem for good. At Alcoholics Anonymous, what is the first step?… “Hi, my name’s ‘Steve’ and I’m an alcoholic.”

Great power, the power to cure the problem always lies in your acceptance of the problem. If an alcoholic remains in denial of their problem then would there be ever any way for them to fix it? Of course not! So the first step for you to remove your feelings of overwhelm is to fully admit that by either action or accident you allowed yourself to become overwhelmed.

How To Kill Off Overwhelm FOREVER!

he most effective overwhelm killer of them all is simple. However, just because it is simple doesn’t mean the herd will get it… And if you suffer with feelings of being overwhelmed then unfortunately right now you are still part of the herd.

Overwhelm is caused simply by you not knowing where you want to go. Fix that and you fix your overwhelm… But right now that probably seems too simple for you… If you want to calm down and rid overwhelm from your life forever then you may just want to delay judgement here.

If you knew where you wanted to go and if you knew exactly what step of the journey you were on, then you would only allow into your life that which:-

a) Helped you today, right now and…
b) Helped you on your future route
The reason you are overwhelmed is that you don’t know which bits are helping you and which bits are hurting you. You do not know which bits are helping you today and which bits will help you tomorrow… So you cannot decide what bits are important to work on and what bits to schedule for the future, and most importantly what bits that you do not need in your life at all!

You suffer from overwhelm because you are on a journey right now and you have no idea where you are heading. Would you like to know how you are deciding your route for this… the most important journey of them all?

You are deciding your route like this, ‘I don’t like this, I want to go away from here. I have a vague idea that something else will be better.’ You have no idea of where exactly you want to go, and you have nothing more than a vague idea of what something better looks like.

Right now you are probably thinking… “Well I don’t know if that’s the reason I am overwhelmed… that’s probably not right…” But it is.

You see, imagine if you were going on a physical journey… It can be to anywhere – the shops, the next town, another country… It really doesn’t matter where… Any journey, even walking downstairs from upstairs… I am talking about the same mental approach to every single journey we take in life, except the most important journey of them all that is!

You know what your destination looks like, you know what the benefit is for you to go there and you know exactly where you are on the journey to getting there now. That is what you know about every single journey you take in life… But you don’t know it about your life’s journey…

~You are overwhelmed because you do not know where you are going~

Let’s go a little deeper so that you fully get this. So you fully see the power of it and how it can fully banish feelings of overwhelm forever when you get this


Let’s say you are on a journey to the next town. You know why you are going there. You know what you have to do to get there. You know what will help you get there and what won’t. You know all of that before you take the first physical step… Which is of course getting up off the chair.

You go and get into the car, you know the route so no need to plan this journey. You maybe need to pick up fuel, so you look out for fuel along the way. You know the rough amount of time the journey will take. You arrive at your destination and you receive the benefit, which is why you made the journey to start with.
Now along the way there may have been road signs, bill boards, shops, cinemas, restaurants… you name it… All manner of distractions which could’ve taken you away from your journey.

But because you knew where you were going, you knew what step of the journey you were on and you also knew what benefit you were going to get. Then you simply ignored all of that ‘stuff’ which could’ve overwhelmed you… Why?

Because you knew what you wanted and you knew that none of that ‘stuff’ helped you get what you wanted!

The reason you are suffering from being overwhelmed is… ‘You do not know what bits are helping you and what bits are hurting you.’ Once you know that, you simply do not ‘pick up’ the bits that are of no benefit to you!

In other words you stop creating your own overwhelming life.

The biggest problem on Earth is that virtually no one knows what they want. There are a tiny few who do and we all know who they are… We call those people, ‘Successful People.’

The journey to your success (whatever that looks like for you – as we are all different) also contains the cure for your overwhelming life.

If you want freedom from overwhelm then it is simple. Just figure out what you want from life, then you’ll only pick up that which helps you instead of picking up everything in the ‘hope’ that it ‘may’ help you.

So you created it, and you perpetuate it… The solution involves you figuring out where you want to go in life… Sort of something you may want to get round to really…

But you see, unsuccessful people don’t get round to it… Which is why they are unsuccessful people. The problem is that with every day we age our minds get filled up with more and more bugs. If you do not clear them, then you end up going nowhere and feel overwhelmed with nothing of purpose!… Does this sound familiar?


have a question for you?
You found this site because you asked a question to your subconscious mind. The question was, “how can I stop this,” or, “please show me the answer…” Or something similar… but basically you asked for an answer and you ended up here reading this…

You see you are excellent at finding the answers even though you don’t know you are… However, if you are not successful then you are pretty bad at deciding which answers are right and which are wrong.

So my question is…


Or are you going to be one of the millions who can find the answer, but then not apply it?

The answer for you lies in reading my books “Creating and Using Connect Success.”

However, right now your ego is trying to convince you that this is not the answer, that is just some sales line… However, it happens to be a sales line, but it also happens to be true… So if you can separate from your ego for a few seconds, then why not decided to ‘suspend judgement.’

Why not do a bit more research first before going the wrong way….

You can go right now and read the first five chapters of Creating Connect Success, and observe how your mind and understanding of life change in just those first few chapters…

Then you will be informed, and capable of making such an important life-changing decision. My promise to you is, that if you read those five chapters you will find out some things about yourself which you don’t know.

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