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People are always asking me what the secret to success is and it really is quite simple…

Stage 1 – Figure out what you want and then
Stage 2 – Just work on that project until you succeed.

For successful people who do live legendary lives it really is that simple. For unsuccessful people they can’t get past the figuring out what they want stage. They are trying to figure out the ‘how to make it work’ stage. Unsuccessful people lack self confidence on the second stage. So they wrongly think that they must figure that bit out first.

Therefore they’ve missed the point and are doomed to failure, as they are trying to put the walls and the roof on the house without laying the foundations. How can you build a wall when you don’t know where the wall wants to go, what the wall looks like, what height the wall needs to be, without knowing how many windows it has in it… And of course, you can’t build a wall without the foundations to build it on.

Unsuccessful people try to become successful by building bits of their plan in the wrong order. Anyone who has done construction or manufacturing of any sort knows you have to build the product – one part at a time. And the first part of the process is to design what you want. There is no more important part as once you have this bit right then you clearly know what is needed and what is not.

So you don’t waste your life working on parts of a project that are unstable, not needed and in fact are useless. So what happens is that the project fails and then destroys the self confidence of the unsuccessful person more.
The conclusions they draw from the failure are, ‘I knew I wasn’t cut out to be successful.’ Instead of looking at it logically and saying, ‘Hey what was I thinking, I didn’t spend enough time designing it before I went and built it.’ They wrongly conclude something else and their self confidence takes a big knock.

Then if they summon the courage to start again, they merely repeat the same mistakes again and again. This pattern of repeat destruction of their dreams kills off what little self-esteem they have left. The problem is they have started the wrong way and they have drawn the wrong conclusions.

A Legendary Life Requires A Good Architect

Designing your life means that you can design exactly what you want it to look like. Once you’ve designed it then you work on conceiving ways it can be brought into reality. This is the same as an architect designing a building and then going and asking can it actually be built.

People live their entire lives without a design. Is it any surprise that they do not end up where they want to go?

Look around you now for a moment at the things in your life. The computer, the desk, the coffee cup, the filing cabinet, the TV, the curtains, the clothes you’re wearing, the cereal box, the coffee table, the room you are sitting in, the road outside, the street lamp…. Look at anything, anything at all….


And ask yourself this, did a single one of them get there without being designed first in someone’s mind?

Show me just one man-made thing which got their without design? You can’t can you… But let’s say you thought you could…. Let’s say you could find one…

Can you show me 100 billion things that have got there with a design? Of course it would just take some time.
Self confidence is created as a by-product of designing your life the way you want it to look and then going about your life working on bringing your design into reality. If you are lacking self-confidence or self esteem then you do not need to work on building those.

You need to work on your dreams, work on your design and then just go and bring that into your life… The by-product of this will be amazing self confidence.

Is Life Helping Or Punishing You?

Unsuccessful people work on the ailments in their life, they do not work on designing their life. So they focus on the bad stuff and create more bad stuff. Successful people know what they want, they design what they want, they look for ways to bring it into reality.

Successful people don’t have to work on building their confidence as they are too busy building their dream life. It is not that they have huge self confidence at the start, they just know what they want, they have created their design. Life helps people who know what they want and life punishes people who don’t.

Now most successful people do all of this without that much ‘structured’ thought. This is because they are still in tune with their natural success mindset. Unsuccessful people have lost touch with theirs, so they/you are in a world of man-made bullsh*t and therefore they/you struggle to make anything happen.

In my second book Using Connect Success I deliver a systematic thought process designed to turbo-charge a natural successful person’s mindset (I focused on the good stuff). I didn’t work on how to make a failure into a success as most do with goal setting (life punishes people who use these sorts of systems). Instead I worked on how to make a successful person ultra successful (I focused only on the good stuff).

Basically I took a working good road car and turned it into a Formula One car.

What’s the point of trying to fix something that is broken by giving them goal setting? This is trying to put the roof on before we have the walls in place. The first step is of course getting people’s mindset back to where they are in touch once more with their natural success mindset. That’s what “Creating Connect Success” was for.

Then once there, they are free of bugs and they have a functioning road car. Now all we do is give them the system to turn their functioning road car into an F1 car…. Voila, another success… Everyone else is surprised when another success happens… Why? Why? Why?
Success is certain and obvious, as they are just following a design and working on it until it succeeds. The only failure would be to stop working on it, success is inevitable when you have a design. When you understand that, it is easy to see why so few people are legendary as so few have designed their lives… But the real question is why have so few designed them?

Overcoming The World’s Biggest Problem

The biggest problem on Earth is people don’t know what they want… They don’t know so how can they go and create it? They would never think of taking a trip without knowing where they were going… That would be insane right? As how would you ever get anywhere? You could end up lost within a few minutes of leaving home and you wouldn’t know where you were going anyway, so what would be the point of the trip?

However, that’s how virtually everyone lives their lives. Less than 0.01% of people actually know what they want and actually spend any time at all designing how they want their lives to be and how they want them to work out… Is it any wonder there are so few successful people, compared with so many unsuccessful ones?

If you are not successful now, the chances of you being one of the successful ones without a design are so small that the number may as well be zero (would you bet on a horse that had zero chance of winning?).

I’ll leave it to you to decide whether or not you would like to design your life and become successful or you would rather continue to live in the herd of the unsuccessful… All grouped together like a big herd of cattle… Not knowing where you are going, or what will happen in your life. Don’t kid yourself that this isn’t you because of xyz… If you are not living the design you had for your life, then this is you.


Remember if you do not design your own life then you will be living in someone else’s design for you. You may think you’re free to choose but you are only free to choose within limits. You are in a field with fences so you can choose which patch of grass to munch on within that field. But the next field is out of reach to you… As you are in someone else’s design.
A life with no design ends up going nowhere… Years of work, meetings, planning, heart ache, frustration, illness, stress, low, low self confidence, painfully low self esteem… All brought about because you did not design how you lived instead. So why haven’t you noticed before how obvious it was that you needed to design your life?

Because… it is obvious isn’t it?

But You Are A Success At Something…

Do you want to know why you haven’t noticed you needed a design before? It’s because you’ve been successfully programmed not to dream and design your life. You are a success at becoming programmed. Unfortunately this means you will be a failure in life unless you remove the program.

However, some unsuccessful people failed the programming and in doing so this opened the door to them becoming a success in life. Your programming has conditioned you into believing that designing your life is a) work and b) painful.

Answer me this… How can dreaming up and designing your ideal life be either work or painful? Answer… Of course it can’t, but you currently believe it can so you don’t do it… This is the most cunning trap I have ever seen and it is done by your ego and society’s egos working together to bring about a plan whereby your young mind was told it was wrong to dream…

And so one day you stopped dreaming.

I didn’t. And neither did the other successful people.

Then one day one of the dreams I had was… I dreamt that I would like to draw up a map that would help those who lost their natural ability to learn how to dream again. So I figured that I would enjoy the journey and so spent nine months of my life drawing a map for you.

If you are ready to start dreaming again, to start designing your life again instead of living by accident. And if you are ready to get back in touch with your natural success mindset…

Then may I suggest you first read the five chapters from my book “Creating Connect Success.” Then once you’ve done that you’ll KNOW the other steps to take

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