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The word failure means different things to different people and it is understanding the meanings we put on words that will give us access to the path we block for ourselves.

If you see failure as a loss then you will fear it and avoid it. However, if you view it as an essential element of success, which you will try and avoid but accept if it happens… Then you do not fear it and you work diligently to avoid it… But you will accept it, if it happens with no loss of enthusiasm.
You see, words can be good and bad, even though they sometimes look like they can be just bad, or just good.

The human herd seeks to see view things as black or white… The minority of successful people just views things as they are and accept them this way… In doing so they are not holding onto something and trying to force it.

Instead they are looking for ways to nudge with the least effort possible the flow of ‘the way it is’ in a direction which will benefit them. The abundant world of the unsuccessful people see failure as a wholly bad thing. The scarce world of successful people see the word failure as a natural part of success.
Successful people see that failure is just something you must pass through to achieve success, i.e. ~Success lies on the far side of failure~ Thomas J Watson.
So the successful see and accept that the venture they are on in its current guise may indeed fail, but the lessons they will learn on this failure will guide them to far greater success elsewhere. This means that there is no fear of failure, as failure will eventually lead to success… This is just a natural self confidence trait which we all have instinctively… However, unsuccessful people have just lost touch with their natural instincts. You must get back in touch with them if you ever wish to become successful.

And just because successful people know that failure will increase their future success if it happens, doesn’t mean they think it all the time. It just means that they accept it automatically so it requires no effort, no distraction of focus, no thought at all, it just is. As in when they get a setback, they know it is temporary and just part of the process…. They do not beat themselves up about it, it just is.

Doing All You Can Do To Succeed, Not Doing All You Can Do To Prevent Failure

One of the keys to success is the fact that the successful person recognises the risk of failure in a new venture or in a new pursuit and does whatever they can to mitigate the risk. When they fail they work to contain the fallout and minimise the damage too… They do not beat themselves up about the failure, they accept that it has happened. And they accept fully their part in it, they know they were responsible.

Unsuccessful people look for ways that they can find scapegoats, but secretly know they are responsible… They just hope no one else will find out.

In fact one of the most common traits of a successful person is that they can go from disappointment to disappointment with no loss of enthusiasm. They are confident in their ability to turn it around. They appreciate the lessons they’ve just learnt… They discover their mistakes and use them to inspire greater success.


In other words, failure was not what they wanted, but the fact that it showed up will be used to enhance the construction of their future success… They transmute failure into success.
With a successful mindset there are no confidence issues to be dealt with, as being self confident is a given to a successful person. To think about low self esteem, building their self respect, lack of confidence, would be focusing on nothing of any value. How can any of that help them get where they want to go.

Thinking this way is all just part of the human natural success system, the way unsuccessful people destroy their self esteem and confidence is a product of the unnatural thought patterns which society teaches and preaches.
Successful people transmute failure into their own self improvement, whereas unsuccessful people know that failure means they are less of a person. To a successful person their self respect and self worth are a given, to an unsuccessful person failure knocks their self respect and their self worth down.

You See Failure As Wholly Bad… I Find The Good In It

If you think something is wholly bad, then you will be right. If you seek to find the good from it, then one day you will find it.

The word failure and the act of failing instinctively means different things to different people. But the key difference is how a successful person pays no mind (no attention) to all of the key traits that an unsuccessful person focuses on…

In other words: –

“To a successful person it is a given that this failure will lead to greater success.”

“To an unsuccessful mindset, this failure is proof of their inability to succeed.”

Remember whatever you give your dominant thought to becomes your reality.

See here how a successful person’s mindset views failure and their dominant attention is focused on success. Whereas an unsuccessful person’s is focused on even greater failure being in their future.


How failure affects their:-
How an unsuccessful person feels and looks at things after a failure – 99.86% of the world look at failure this way…
How a successful person feels and looks at things after a failure – 0.14% of the world look at failure this way…
Self Confidence
“My self confidence is at an all time low… I can’t even think about starting something again and the thought of failing again is just too painful. Honestly I can’t get past this failure.” (So the one time failure may have been transmuted into a permanent failure for them)
“Well I suppose I had a very, very, tiny knock in my confidence, but I could instantly see how I could get it right next time thanks to seeing how I failed here.” (So they transmuted the failure into a gain in confidence of the next venture)
Self Esteem
“Look, my self esteem is in the toilet right now. I am surprised anyone wants to even be around me after what I just did.”(Their failure destroys their self esteem because they make the failure them and assume others will think less of them because of it. They now assume they were right to not even try and they wish they hadn’t. They regret their mistakes and do not notice the success in their actions)
“No, this hasn’t knocked my self esteem, why the heck would it do that? Just because I got it wrong here doesn’t mean I will get it wrong moving forward. After all this will now enhance my success when it happens.”(So they transmuted failure into a gain in self esteem. They accept fully their failure but see all of the benefits in it. They are grateful for what they have learnt)
Self Image
“I see myself now as someone who is just not destined to be a successful person.” (They transmuted temporary failure into life-long total failure)
“So I made a few wrong decisions, at least I was up there making the decisions, living my life, not waiting to die. What has self image got to do with it?” (They transmute failure into an increase in their self-image, the failure was not them, the failure was a result of making the wrong decisions. They will simply learn from it and move on…)
Self Respect
“I don’t think I can ever trust myself to try anything again.” (They lose respect for themselves because now they know that their failure is not a failure in what they are doing. But it is them, they are a failure. They have transmuted a failure into a far, far greater failure… They allow it to destroy their lives)
“Why would I have lost respect for myself? I hadn’t even given that a thought until you mentioned it.” (No loss of self respect, in fact they are pleased with themselves for getting on with it. They are grateful that they have learned so much from the failure and they are inspired to do more next time… So without thought their self respect grows)
Self Worth
“Well obviously I’m not as good as I thought or hoped I was.” (They know their self worth is now less, they think that they should not have tried and they accept that they are not cut out to be a success. Their self worth was low before. Now it is at rock bottom, as they know that while they were trying to be a success, they secretly already knew they were a failure and that pretty soon they would be found out.)
“Do I think my self worth has been knocked…? What, are you serious? After all look at all these new skills I’ve acquired. This is now my chance to begin again more intelligently.” (They did not even consider it. This is the law of least effort and successful people are in tune with it. Thinking that this knocked their self worth would not help them where to go so why would they ever have thought about it?)
Self Help
“I need to help myself out of this, I think I’d better go to a psychiatrist or a doctor and see if I can get some pills and some psychiatric care to help me deal with all of the issues my failure as an (insert what you did) has brought into my life.” (They know that they cannot help themselves, so they look for a crutch, for someone else to help them through. They know they are less of a person now because of their failure, so need medication of some sort to make themselves normal again – Obviously they know that they will never be a success and that part of their life is over… because it was never meant to be!)
“It’s happened. Yes, I’ve taken a knock back because of this failure. But I just need to find ways that I can use this failure. Lessons I can learn from it so that I won’t make the same mistakes again. Thanks to this failure my success in the future is much more certain now… After all look at all this new stuff I learned.” (They are enthused by the failure, they are transmuting it into their future success, they are using their failure to give them a leg up as fast as possible)
99.86% of the world looks at failure this way… Is it any wonder that there are so many unsuccessful people?
0.14% of the world looks at failure this way… Is it any wonder why there are so few successful people?

We successful people look at you unsuccessful people and think, “Why do they think that way? It’s not helping them?”

You unsuccessful people look at successful people and think, “How do they do it? I wish I was that good.”


Self Confidence

Unsuccessful people know their confidence is low and know that they always have to be aware of it. As if they don’t then their confidence will sink to even lower levels. Successful people are just confident, so they do not need to consider confidence as it is just a given that they must have that for success… So what would be the point of focusing on it?


Self Esteem

Unsuccessful people know they have to work at keeping their self esteem up, otherwise it will fall. So they focus on it and of course create a lack of it. Successful people have high self esteem so they don’t waste a moment of life considering it… It does not help them get to where they want to go.

Successful people are therefore still in tune with their ‘natural success mindset’, whereas unsuccessful people have lost complete touch with theirs. They get glimpses of it occasionally, and then as they get close to it again, it appears to disappear off round the corner… This is why they are searching for the missing piece.


Self Image

Unsuccessful people see themselves as failures and look for ways to improve their image of themselves. However, as they search they find ways to enhance their self image as a failure. Successful people see themselves as successful people already (before the rest of the world notices them as a success).

Successful people know the fact that whatever they are doing will succeed in time. Whatever we focus on we create more of. Successful people create success, unsuccessful people create failure, and we all do it just by our thoughts.


Self Respect

Unsuccessful people know that their self respect can only improve if they become a success. Successful people don’t think about their self respect as it is a given, i.e. of course they respect themselves… Why on Earth wouldn’t they? So they pay it no attention and therefore do not create a lack of it – whatever we focus on we create more of. If you think about your self respect, it is because you ‘feel’ you lack it, so because of the way our minds work you instantly create more what you lack.


Self Worth

Unsuccessful people know that their self worth can only improve if they become a success. Successful people don’t think about their self worth as it is a given, i.e. they are worthy… Why on Earth wouldn’t they be? So they pay it no attention and therefore do not create a lack of it – whatever we focus on we create more of. If you think about self worth, it is because you ‘feel’ you lack it, so because of the way our minds work you instantly create more what you lack.


Self Help

Unsuccessful people are trained to think that they must look for self help to find what they have missing. Successful people know that self help will enhance their mindset not create it.

It’s all In the Way We Look At Things… It Is What We Know To Be True

The difference is that unsuccessful people know it is one way about all the negative things… So they look to always have this view reinforced like a self vindication… ‘See, I told you I’m useless!’

Whereas successful people are merely benefits driven creatures… They naturally know to only pay attention to what benefits them.

Failure has harmed their progress so they instinctively and very naturally seek out the benefit in the failure… This is to enhance their future success… They ONLY look for the benefits, they do not seek to blame. It has happened and they have already moved on… simply because they know (without thought) that dwelling on the failure holds no benefit for their future.

An unsuccessful person has been trained from when they first went to school to see failure as a bad, horrid, ghastly thing to be avoided… Successful people were programmed that way too. However, they just instinctively knew that this was bollo*ks and that there are benefits in everything when you bother to seek them out.
They also know that a failure isn’t them, it is just an event which happened, it is not happening. Whereas an unsuccessful person knows that the failure was them, was their fault and that they are useless and deserved it… So for them the failure hasn’t happened, it is still happening!

Whatever you KNOW is true, is true for you… It doesn’t mean it is true, it is just true for you…
Whatever you focus on you create more of… If you seek to improve your self confidence, then you will need to always improve it. You are treating the symptom with some medicine… Instead you should work on removing the cause of the dis-ease.

You are seeking to key your bugs suppressed with temporary medicine… Which when you stop taking it will allow the bugs to grow back stronger than ever. However, what you want to be is ‘Bug Free.’

Everybody has ‘bugs’ faulty bits of programming including successful people, it is just successful people do not have bugs in their system which prevent success in certain areas.

If success hasn’t shown up for you yet and you see far too many of the unsuccessful persons traits in your own mindset then the question I have for you is…



Are you going to just be another one of the millions of people who just talk about success and becoming successful… Or are you going to take your thinking to a whole new level?

If you want to know all the steps, top to bottom and front to back for how to easily change your thinking to a higher level then I have a hint for you…

Go and read the first 5 chapters of my book Creating Connect success which you can access right now and be reading in just a few minutes.
It is time for you to stop sitting on the sidelines, looking at successful people and wondering ‘if’ you will ever be one of them. It’s time you decided to become one of them and take your mind power to a whole new level.

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