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One of the big buzzes and biggest falsehoods in the world of mindset and personal development is positive thinking. Unfortunately those that teach that you must think positively are giving you wrong directions.

I want to make this crystal clear, the words ‘positive thinking’ can mean different things on different levels and I’ll explain that more further down. But mainly it is that there is simply no need for positive thinking. Positive thinking is going against the law of least effort.
If you want a gauge to measure if something is good or not then look to the law of least effort as your measure for a success mindset… ‘How can I use less effort and achieve the result I want’ is how a successful person thinks ‘without thinking’. In other words it is what they do, not what they think about.

Positive thinking requires you to apply effort to thinking positively about the outcome you want. This is because you know you lack self confidence, so to feel the way to overcome this lack of self confidence is simply to think positively… However, using effort this way will not work as it means you have an attachment to the outcome and will almost certainly mean that you do not get what you actually want – You just get more of wanting what you want.

What that will mean is you will fail. You will think and be told by people that you didn’t think positively enough and so you will have to summon up more effort each time to do it again. This is because your self confidence, and now your self esteem, have taken another kicking.

So you summon up all of the positive thought you can and go for it again. Again you are going against the flow and fail… This positive thought creates failure as I explain in more detail shortly. But this action takes apart your self confidence, self esteem, self image, self respect and self worth… Basically, your effort to think positively is enhancing the certainty of your failure.

You Must Not Think The Way The Experts On Positive Thinking Say To Do It

The world of personal development and including some very successful people think that they think positively, they don’t. Successful people do not think positively and they obviously do not think negatively. They just get on with it, they work diligently on bringing into their and our reality that what they have decided to be a success at.

They don’t think positively and they don’t think about raising their self confidence, they just apply ‘without thought’ the law of least effort. Then when they analyse how they got there, they draw the wrong conclusions from their thoughts. They think they must’ve thought positively and that thinking positively banished any lack of self confidence, so that’s what they teach you. However, that is not what they did at all.

Positive thinking is required by the weak minded… That’s you by the way if you bought into the crap behind positive thinking. It doesn’t mean you have to continue to be weak minded… It just means you are right now if you think you need positive thinking to help you get where you want to go. Your mind does not need this, in fact your mind must not have this in it if you want to get where you desire to go.

Positive thinking is just a buzz phrase that people haven’t really looked at. Nature is in balance, so both positivity and negativity exist. If you have a high you will have a low… If you have a low you will have a high. When you know, and far more importantly, can utilise this then you can lower your highs and in doing so mitigate the lows… Meaning you just grow… because you don’t allow yourself to have high highs… Just highs, but you are able to flatten out the lows.

People who hit rock bottom are merely doing this in reverse. They are mitigating their highs and adding to their lows. So as they progress they get lower and lower.

Basically whatever we focus on we create a need for more of… If you feel you lack self confidence then you will lack more and more self confidence. If you feel you need to think more positively, then you will be given more need to do that.

I do not think positively and I do not lack self confidence, have low self esteem, have a poor self image, have low self worth or have low self respect for myself. Basically I have just given more thought to any of them in writing that sentence than I have in the last 12 months. I use the law of least effort and don’t think about them at all… Neither does any successful person.

This takes a little more explaining, but it is positive thinking I want to cover here. Thinking positively requires effort and you are therefore forcing a high. Most of the time you secretly know you are not really positive, so you are forcing a high and then you know you deserve the dreadful low which you get when eventually you tire of attempting to keep thinking positively.

Thinking positively requires effort… Do you think Donald Trump needs to think positively to be more successful? Do you think he needed to think positively to get where he went? No, he just knew where he was going and knew he would do all he needed to, to get where he had desired he would go. He wouldn’t have had time for positive thinking because he was too busy doing it.

So he used no effort at all to think positively because he didn’t think negatively, he just did it.


If you want to be successful then you want to train your brain to think like successful people think. Not follow some popular bullsh*t which teaches you to artificially create a high, when nature automatically gives you a low following a high.

This is swimming against the flow of life. You can and will have negative thoughts but you must not try and banish them away by hiding them with positive thoughts. This is bringing out the inevitable low…
Thinking positively is like you are trying to hold your breath for long enough until you become successful. Your act of trying to think positively is going against the flow. You are trying to force things. When you need to breath again, all of a sudden the negative thoughts will wash you away like a tsunami… Before they were just a problem, now you’ve been washed away by them.

By you actually trying to think positively and hold it, you actually bring about a rush (i.e. more than you can cope with) of negative thoughts. You are preventing your success if you ‘try’ to think positively. The moral is, you can not hold your breath long enough to become successful, so you will tire and fail.

Curing The Need To Ever Think Positively

You just need to not think positively or negatively. Your acceptance of what is, and your efforts to bring down your highs and level out your lows, will mean the natural effect is what those in the personal development world call positive thinking.

I don’t think positively, I don’t look at an outcome I desire and think that I must think positively about the outcome. I just work diligently to making the outcome I desire happen.

You only think you need positive thinking because the little voice in your head says to you when you come up with a dream or a desirable outcome… ‘You can’t do that, you’re not good enough, last time you tried this sort of thing you failed.’ This voice is tireless and goes at you 24/7… It never needs sleep or conscious rest, you do.You do not need positive thinking, you just need rid of the voice that’s filling your head with negative thoughts.

I know it’s logical with your dis-ease ridden mind to consider that if you have all of these negative thoughts then surely positive thoughts will balance them out… But this is like sticking a band-aid on a severed leg… Pointless!

All these people who teach you on the benefits of positive thinking… Why haven’t they focused on curing the reason why you have negative thoughts instead? After all, if you just get rid of them, there is no need to consider thinking positively… Instead you just think (law of least effort again).

Do you think I, or Richard Branson or Donald Trump have to work on controlling our negative thoughts? Of course not, we recognise without thought (the law of least effort) that a thought either helps or hurts us. So if it’s negative then where is the benefit in me thinking it? (Without thought, that’s how I remove negative thought…). If however, it helps me where I desire to go then sure I’ll think it – and I do that without thought as well.


This is natural positive thinking if you like… It is probably what the successful people who teach positive thinking are trying to teach you… However, they are not very good at explaining it because they haven’t yet worked out how they do it themselves. So instead of you getting the benefit of positive thinking, you just get tired of being swept away by tsunamis of negative thoughts.

The solution of course is simple and here it is… No thought stands still, it either helps you and takes you where you want to go, or it hurts you and takes you away from it. All you have to do is become ‘aware’ of your thinking. As you become aware of a thought which isn’t helping you, then go and look at it.
Don’t judge it, just look at it. When you recognise that it has no value for you and it won’t help you get to where you want to go, then it will require no effort in letting go of the thought – and you will have applied the law of least effort.

The thought will not come rushing in again, but if it did you are now aware that it is not helping you and you can banish it away. You will do so without positive or negative thought… You will do so without effort… So how much effort will it take you to control your positive thinking around that negative thought for the rest of your life?


This is you using the law of least effort to get what you want… A successful person does this without knowing they do it. Your mind is currently – dis-eased, so you will have to apply a little thought until once more you attain the state you had as a small child. When you were in tune and in touch with your natural success mindset.

If you desire to become successful then you must remove the thought of ever needing to think positive. And not listen to teachers who are teaching this appalling technique which actually takes you away from where you want to go. They’ve probably got it right on some other stuff, just anyone who tells you that you must think positively does not know how to explain what they may be able to do themselves.

One of the biggest problems I found after reading countless self-help books was that so many of the teachers simply taught things wrong. This meant that when their readers actually motivated themselves to read some self-help material then they ended up going round in circles because what they learnt went about things in the wrong way.

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