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People write books about conquering and overcoming fear. And it really makes me laugh as they try to get you to conquer something which is not real. Fear is just an illusion brought about by our disease ridden minds.
All you need to do to remove fear is to stop creating it. However, it takes real bravery to admit this. As it is like admitting you are not in control of your mind.

Which is of course the reason that 99.86% of people will never become a success.

Fear only exists where we lack knowledge and understanding of the benefits which wait for us if our fears become real. So just go and experience your fears becoming real and you’ll be amazed at what this supposedly scary thing will do for your self confidence. Just use your mind to travel forward in time and go and experience them in graphic detail.

As you do this you will find that there really is nothing to fear at all. The fear was just a lack of understanding and your ego’s way of keeping you trapped in the past and afraid of the future. It wants you to not be present, because if you are present then you realise that there is nothing to fear right now. And if there’s nothing to fear right now then there’s nothing to fear… I know it sounds too easy, well this is all just part of the cunning fear illusion.

When you realise that fear is not real, you realise that to conquer it would be trying to conquer something which isn’t there. Isn’t it far easier to do nothing and just see through the illusion? I am not big on effort and I have fears too, however, when I see myself being afraid of something I recognise it as an irrational fear which my mind has created for me.

However, I choose to experience my fears in graphic detail and I search out the hidden benefit in them if they were to come real…. There always is one! Usually several. Then when I’ve experienced the worst, worst, worst case scenario, I get realistic and look at what is most likely to happen. If the worst case scenario is level 10 then the most likely result is level 1 to 4, and when you have experienced and seen the benefits in level 10… then level 1 to 4 is a picnic.

Fear is an illusion. There are multiple different styles of illusion in the Fears cupboard, but at the end of the day they are ALL just illusions… They are all not real, so the only thing to conquer is the nutter inside your mind who is creating these things for you to be afraid of and then prodding and poking you until you become afraid.

Remove that demon, or bring it under control, and you quell your fears. New ones may return but as long as you are present then you can see them forming and nip them in the bud. In two of the longest chapters in Creating Connect Success, I take apart the most prominent fear illusions by shinning a light on them so that they will never darken your mind again.

In this process it leads to you not ‘needing’ to fear anymore. Fear is darkness in the mind, it is darkness for a reason, you don’t go there so you don’t know what this part of the mind looks like. All I do is shine the light of truth on it for you. As you illuminate your mind, so darkness is destroyed as darkness cannot exist in the presence of the light.
If you live with a fear of failure or any of the common ones like that then the Bug Free Mind process will remove them for you and free you up to live the life of your dreams. You cannot create this life if you live in fear of what might happen. And when you consider it’s just an illusion that’s keeping you away from your dreams, then isn’t it time you killed this thing off?

So the question I have for you is…


Or are you going to just be another one of the millions of people who just talk about success and becoming successful… But are actually afraid to make it happen?
Are you fed up enough yet of waiting for your opportunity? Have you reached that point when you know you’ve wasted enough of your life and now know it’s time to act and make it happen or you may never will?

Then if you want to know all the steps, top to bottom and front to back for how to easily change your thinking to a higher level then I have a hint for you… Connect With Me Today For The Positive Change You Deserve.

It is time for you to stop sitting on the sidelines, looking at successful people and being afraid to be one of them. It’s time you decided to become one and take your mind power to a whole new level.

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