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Are you Mr, Mrs or Miss Bump?… No? Are you sure?

Nearly all people live their entire lives without a design, without a journey plan, which means of course they live their life without a map. They go on the most amazing journey of all yet they do it without a map…

Virtually everyone on Earth lives their life by accident bumping into things wondering what happened, and wondering why their life isn’t going to plan. But it is going to plan, they and probably you, failed to plan so of course, they and probably you by default planned to fail… (have you had enough of living this way yet?) Nearly every single person on earth is Mr, Mrs or Miss Bump!

Would you consider EVER going on a car journey to somewhere you have never been before without a map?

No, of course you wouldn’t, that would be insane wouldn’t it… After all how would you know where to go? Where the heck would you end up if you had no map? Your journey would not be successful and would end in a pathetic waste of time and energy…

Yet you do not give a moment’s thought about a map for your life. You do not think that if you want to end up where you want to get to in life (I.e. become a success in something), then maybe you should give just a tiny fraction of your consideration to getting some sort of map put together…


It is so obvious that one is needed when spelt out, it is unbelievable that everyone does not have one…

But they don’t, and that is because they are not the rulers of their mind, as their mind does not give them the obvious stuff! Instead it confuses them and tells them that sorting out a map will be hard work, will take a long time and will of course be very painful… And guess what? 99.86% of people believe them and so don’t have one.

They go on the most amazing journey of all… with no plan, no map… just bumping into things and going off in different directions. They are on the journey of their lives with no sense of direction. Is it any wonder they end up lost and confused?

Is this you?

A map though is just a map of your dreams and it is a map to the most wonderful location. So how come nearly all people associate this with work and pain? Because we are not the rulers of our mind and we have lost touch with the fact that our mind should work for us, not the other way around.

1. Make a list of all your desires


That’s everything you desire… All holidays, all toys, all personal needs, all emotional needs… Everything you don’t have and everything you do have but you want more of.


2. Rank them 1 to 100%



Now go through them one at a time and rank them on a percentage basis. 100% = “I MUST have this in my life, it is what I want to do with my life.” Right down to 60%, “Yes I’d really like this in my life but if it didn’t happen then I’m ok with it.”

You probably won’t have any on there that are less than 60%. And not all of them will fit in the top 10%, as if they do, you’ll never get anywhere… So rank them appropriately.

Be careful not to give them a higher ranking because you think you should… Because, “What would someone else think?” This is not about someone else, it’s about you and you have to tell yourself the truth if you want this to work.

Spend some time doing this, it’s not painful as it’s you dreaming about your most pleasurable life. Imagine yourself as a child again dreaming about your ideal life and go and have some fun and do it… After all your current plan isn’t working is it, so it’s time for a new one.


3. For now just focus on the 90 – 100% range.



Sift through and re-order your desires. Rank them highest at the top. For now you are going to focus only on the desires you have in the top 10%.

Go through each desire in turn. Start to feel what it would feel like to have each of these desires. Then re-rank them if the figure you’ve given them no longer feels right. Move them up or down, but let your feelings guide you only when you have managed to feel what it will feel like to feel having them.

Don’t worry, you are only dreaming at the moment, your ego has nothing to fear. I’m not asking you to go and create them, you are just dreaming as if you were a child again. And there is nothing to fear from dreaming.

Your ego may say something to you now like… “Yes but don’t get your hopes up…” or something similar… If you hear that sentence then you have come to the right place as that voice is not helping you live the life you want.


4. Feel grateful




Feel grateful in turn for each of the desires in your top 10%.

Feel again what it would be like to have them and then feel grateful for having them. Get in touch with this feeling.

Spend enough time here feeling it so that when you think of your desire again you can switch this feeling on easily. You are creating a memory of how you felt to HAVE what you desire.


5. Monitor your thoughts



As you do all of this, monitor your thoughts. If you feel like it write them down… Things like, ‘Well that’s never going to happen!’ Or ‘That’s just not realistic!’

Monitor these thoughts, get in touch with your feelings towards them. It is those thoughts and that voice saying them which is keeping you away from the life you desire.

That voice is not you by the way. That voice is the build up of junk (the bugs) in your mind which has happened throughout your life and has created an entity which dwells in your mind 24/7.

You know it, as the voices that always fill up the silence in your mind, never giving you a moment’s peace… Well they come from this entity. This entity tells you that it’s your friend, but it’s not…

However, it will probably convince you that it is and send you back to sleep very shortly after reading this. If you do not have the life you desire it is because you are not the controller of your mind. You have allowed an entity in which keeps you trapped where you are. The only way you can defeat this entity is by remaining awake and noticing when it speaks to you.

If you feel that every year is getting shorter and shorter as you age then it is, because you are spending more and more of each year asleep at the wheel while this entity runs your life on auto-pilot.

The weapon you have which can defeat it is your presence, so monitor what you are thinking to ensure you keep the bugs out.


6. Be prepared to act



Once you know what you truly desire and you have felt what it feels like to be grateful for having it, you are ready to listen to your intuition. What you have done is shown your subconscious mind what you want.

You have shown it this by feeling grateful for it. So right now your subconscious mind is looking for ways to bring that reality into your reality. Be prepared to listen to your intuition. Look out for subtle inspirations you get.

When you get one then analyze it. Does it feel like it came from your intuition or does it feel like a voice in your head said yes do it. Avoid what the voices tell you, they are guiding you the wrong way. Wait for the feelings as the voices will lie to you but your emotions will not.

Learn to trust your emotions again and you really can have what you desire.


This was a very brief guide of all that is needed to create the life you desire. I guarantee that if you have no plan currently and you do not decide to read the full detailed explanation I give in Using Connect Success for how to get the life you desire…

Then what I have given you here has 1,000 times more chance of working than your current plan of ‘no plan’. So I would strongly recommend you apply this technique as your life is too short to live with no sense of direction.

However, if you want the full explanation and all the subtle mindset issues which will come up as you go deeper into your plan, then you will enjoy reading the full Connect Success process laid out in my two books.




The first book “Creating Connect Success” removes all the bugs and is the world’s 1st antivirus for the human mind. The second book is “Using Connect Success” and is the world’s 1st success guidance system for the human mind.

But I encourage you not to take my word for how good these are and how much they can bring success to your life. In fact I would like you to not believe me, but go and try the first five chapters of “Creating Connect Success” out for yourself right now.

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