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The vast, vast majority of people who try affirmations don’t get them to work… so will you? However, some people do get them to work… will you?

People assume if affirmations don’t work for them then either they don’t work or they just don’t work for them. They don’t give a second’s thought to the fact that they may just be adding good software onto a computer which has a virus already… In which case is it any wonder that they haven’t worked?

The basics are this, if you know they will work for you then they will, if you know they don’t work for you then they don’t. You are the guide and the controller of the outcome. The affirmation is merely a technique to help it work.

The reason to use an affirmation is to keep your mind focused on what you want rather than on what you don’t want. The problem is you have a radio station inside you’re mind which is broadcasting on You.fm 24/7 and unfortunately it is giving you sh*t advice.

You may be thinking, “No, I’m not doing this, it’s not giving me that much bad advice.” But you are wrong and this is why you are not successful yet. Radio You.fm has pulled the wool over your eyes and will continue to do so all the time you are listening to that station! And no matter what you try to do to learn how to be successful, until you remove the Radio’s airtime (virus) then nothing you do will work.

So is it any wonder you haven’t got affirmations to work?… I’ll explain exactly why they haven’t worked for you in a more blow by blow detail further on.

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