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We are brought up by society to believe we want all sorts of stuff… We want to be rich, we want to be successful, we want to go here, we want to go there…

We are taught and trained to believe that what we want  always lies on the outside of us. That where we are is not good enough as we are, that to be complete or to become successful, we simply must have more!

So we spend our entire lives looking for ways to get more, as more will make us feel great and make us feel happy… We are trained to want it and want it, and are then taught to really want it! And if we don’t have it then we obviously don’t want it badly enough!

So then according to the way we are taught, our results are meant to show that we obviously need to get better at wanting it! If you haven’t got it, well then you must improve your ability to want it!

Why doesn’t society notice the madness in this?

Because everyone’s doing it, and they (you) are following the herd… As Mark Twain said, when you find your opinion is the same as the majority of people’s, then it’s time to pause and reflect.

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