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Follow This Simple Advice To Instantly Change Your Life

When I talk with people who wish to be successful but are worried about the fact that they don’t have this skill, or they don’t know how to do that one, or that they don’t know anyone with this expertise. Then because of whatever reason they are concerned about, they can’t do what they think it will take for them to become successful.

Well I’ll let you in on a little secret. When successful people start out, they don’t know how to do all the skillsthey’ll need either. They don’t know the person with the expertise. They just KNOW they will figure that detail out along the way. Basically they have used the time honoured principle of acting boldly and allowing unseen forces to come to their aid.

In other words they didn’t let their lack of knowledge, lack of having an expert in the field, prevent them from moving forward in life to potentially achieve their success. This at its core is a wealth mindset. They know they will find, discover, learn, or just plain invent whatever is needed to get them to their goal!

Let’s imagine the design for your success is to build your dream home. You can design exactly what your house is to look like in A LOT of detail. Now, if you don’t have the skills needed to build your home, that’s fine because you can manifest people who have the EXACT skills you need into your life. It is just something you do along the way don’t thinkit’s possible?

Knowing You’ll Find The Way

I’ve done it many times. In fact I actually factor it in at the start, that I will automatically get in contact with the people I need to, in order to make this project a success. I learnt how to do this at the age of 13.

I was on holiday in the New Forrest and I was staying with my millionaire Great Uncle Dave. He was a larger than life character and was a director of several companies and made a lot of his money buying and selling oil. Nobody could ever get hold of him in the weekdays unless he wanted to get hold of them, because he was always on a course. Golf course, Race course, He was a character!

One day while we were on holiday he asked me and my brother a series of questions, which I later found out were like an entrepreneurs test. I answered them differently to my brother, and at the end he was given some money to go and buy an ice cream.

Feeling pretty miffed that I hadn’t been given the money, Uncle Dave said to me he was going to give me something far more valuable. He said, I’m going to tell you your future. He said I was going to go into business and become a millionaire. He said that I would lead a truly wonderful life.

He also told me that I had some skills missing and that I would need to find those skills in other people. He said, don’t worry, the people you need will come to you and when they show upthey’ll have a sign on their heads. So I would know they had been sent to help me.

Lastly, he told me all I had to do if I needed help in an area, was to ask myself for it and they would show up.

Learning How To Manifest On Purpose

Now, I use this nearly always on auto-pilot now and it is staggering how effective it is. There have been times when I’ve required a specific skillset and been out in the evening drinking with a friend who I’ve known for years. Then they mention that they used to do that for a living, or their brother is an expert in that field.

Successful people understand that they don’t need to know everything before they begin. They know they will find the answers they need on their journey.

When this sort of thing started to happen, I was shocked at how efficient it was. But the very first time it happened was so powerful that it shaped how I would achieve the remainder of my business life.

I had spent several years learning a craft. However, I discovered in less than a year that it would be tricky for me to make myself rich in this craft. My Mum wouldn’t let me move on from the company as she wanted me to finish my apprenticeship, or basically move out. So I relented and decided to finish my apprenticeship.

I had looked into stacks of trades to see where I could apply my skillset as an expert craftsman. I saw that I could put it to good use in a field where the quality of the people was good, but nowhere near the quality level I was at. I identified home improvements as it was high profit. It had various product ranges and I could fit roughly twice as much as any other person and at far higher quality.

This was because I was an expert on production and systemising how to do it, so I’d gone into that business and had worked for several companies. I knew I needed more experience before I could handle everything in that field, so I went about working for other companies for 1 to 7 months at a time. I ended up working for 21 different firms over a 3 year period.

I had become an expert really quickly in that field and could handle all sorts of jobs, but I had identified where I lacked skills. I had people management skills, technical skills, some admin skills, but I had no idea how to sell stuff to people. It was a real area of weakness and I realised this right at the start of learning this skill. (Fortunately I did not realise I needed marketing skills too, otherwise I would still have been in that business!)

So at this point I knew I needed an expert salesman to do what I couldn’t do. I needed one, but I didn’t need in the way most people need. I needed with the expectation that I was going to get. Most people need with the worry that they won’t get.

I remembered that my uncle had told me to just ask for them and they will come. So I didn’t really ask, I just focused on thinking about people who I knew who had that skillset.

Then Something Very Weird Happened.

Within a week, I was at a martial arts class and was training some of the beginners. There were about 30 people there and I was in the far corner of the room with my back to the door. I heard the door open and got a weird feeling come over me, so I turned round and this guy walked in who was obviously confident.

I knew at that instant that he was a salesman and that I would go into business with him. don’t know how I knew, but I had at that point created a way of knowing I’d found people in my mind. I ended up being in business with him for nearly 20 years. He turned out to be a salesman in home improvement and financial services products.

Later on in life I discovered exactly how I’d cultivated this ability in my mind and how I’d learnt to trust my intuition on it. It has subsequently meant that I can now find all the people I need and I can do it with almost no effort at all.

However, when I choose to put a little effort into it then the results can be spectacular. For example, I used the method to solve a marketing problem I had.


I’d written my first book and thought it was pretty good, and I’d worked out how to sell it to get mass market coverage. However, it was going to be a lot of work, so being someone who liked things done quickly and done for them.
I decided that I would find the people who could help me do it. But I didn’t want to pay them, I wanted them as business partners. So I sat back and manifested two of the world’s best online marketers as business partners.
I even used this same technique to find my wife, my life partner. Sure I turbo-charged it a little following on from how my Uncle Dave told me to do it, but then I always liked solving the problem in an instant. I still enjoy doing that now, except now I appreciate the ability I have to solve it in an instant.When you design what will be your route to success, all you have to include in your design is having the people you need come in along the way, at the right time, to help you with it.

I have used this system hundreds of times to find business partners, solutions, ideas, lost information, new skills, direction. You name it, I’ve manifested it. However, it was only when I realised that I’d manifested the bad stuff too into my life (business failure), that I learnt how to keep this power fully under control.

You see, I discovered for myself that we manifest ALL of the time and nearly everyone on Earth does it by accident. Successful people seem to do it on purpose, but really they are just following their instincts and they seem to be in control of it.

So if you are not a success yet and you think you can’t manifest. Then you’re wrong, you’re just good at manifesting bad stuff. This is because you are manifesting by accident and not on purpose.

Even successful people do not know how they are doing it, they are just doing it. The power I got after recognising that I was doing it wrong, was how to do it on purpose forever. When I learnt this then I used it to answer the biggest question I found in personal development.

What’s the missing piece that brings all of this together to make it work?

So I used it to uncover the biggest problem in the study of success, which is that personal development books and courses don’t actually work. However, they look like they do. because a few people who would’ve got to success anyway cite them as the reason they became successful.
Sure they make you feel good and you learn stuff but your life remains the same. So you search again for the magical missing piece which brings it all together.

You Can Turn This Skill To Any Use

So I simply used my manifesting on purpose technique to tell me what was the biggest problem I could solve. I used it again to help me decide the perfect way to solve it, then I used it again daily to access information that was way beyond my pay grade.When you learn the power of how to manifest on purpose, your life takes on a whole new dimension. You stop having to rely on you acquiring the skills, instead you just rely on the fact that if you need them, they will show up. They can show up in a person or they can show up as lessons in how to do it. Once you are in tune with your intuition, you know which way to go.


But before you can do that, you first have to nail the biggest problem you have with being able to manifest. You have to know what you want, to do it on purpose.

Now consider if you’re design is to build a million dollar business. Let’s say you’re good at inventing products, but hate selling, and you hate bookkeeping and you can’t stand the thought of networking events, etc.

Well you can manifest all these skills into your life using the skills I will teach you. I manifested sales experts, experts at book keeping and accounting, and experts at networking and speaking.

In yet another example, I manifested a couple of the UK’s top sales speakers to help us get our business off the ground. They ended up teaching my partner at the time, all he needed to become probably one of the best speakers I have ever seen.

The secret of course is this. It all becomes effortless, once you TAKE THE TIME to figure out what you want.

In chapter 12 of Using A Bug Free Mind it reveals the secret of finding out EXACTLY what you want in life. The trouble is that you have been shown the wrong way to become a success. And you continually doing it the wrong way is not going to eventually get you to success.

You don’t get points for how long you play this game, you get points for putting the puzzle together properly. This is why a student can become a billionaire, yet a person who studies success their entire life can go broke.

Success is a solution that every single person can master, but they have to go about it in a certain way. Try to go against the flow of success and you will fail.

This is why I designed and wrote my books Creating & Using A Bug Free Mind. I saw that despite all of the books on success out there, no one had ever put together a step-by-step guide to creating success.

If you have spent enough time in the wilderness of going nowhere they I suggest that right now you read the first five chapters of Creating A Bug Free Mind. Then you can decide whether or not my success process is worthy of the investment of your time.

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