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One takes us towards where we want to go and one takes us away from it… However, through a paradox it actually looks and sounds like the opposite effect is happening.

When we understand the power of this and how to use it to maximum effect then it propels us through life towards success far greater than we ever could conceive. The problem is getting away from the way we are taught to do things and getting back to the natural way we are designed to do things.

Let’s use selling as an example. People generally see selling as a person being in the state of taking… Well would you like to know the biggest problem some people have with selling something to another person? They feel by them selling it to someone they are taking something away from them…

But as soon as they know they were selling something of high value and letting someone have it for a bargain price… instantly they see how selling it is of benefit to the other person’s life.

When they make that tiny change, all of a sudden they slip into harmony and they go out of their way to sell to the other person. Simply because they now see the benefit for them and it now feels right for them to sell.

Now this sales person is going to give, and their getting is an automatic benefit. Their taking is not something they need to work on, as they are not taking, they are getting. All they need to work on is going to give and they will get automatically… There is simply no need to be a taker as this is the simple way for how to succeed in life…

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